Płyty i sklejki fornirowane [en]

Veneered boards

Veneered board in a natural veneer – is formed by combining boards (MDF,particleboard,carpentry, plywood) and veneer – what means thin woodstrips. Furniture made from the veneered board is an indirect point between a laminated board and solid wood. The furniture made of the veneered board is for clients, who want to join the natural beauty of wood with the durability and flexibility of a chosen board.

In the furniture industry the veneer board has very wide applications. It is used for the production of furniture, furniture fronts, table tops and corpuses, as well as doors, wall panels, sliding cabinets or speakers and many others.

The veneered board gives a unique look in the nterior arrangement due to its uniqueness and individuality that comes from natural wood.

The following boards are veneered by us:

●   MDF




   carpentry board

   flexible plywood

all standard thicknesses